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Mead, Annamarie


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Oil/Oil Pastel/Acrylic/Mixed Media/Alcohol Ink/Encaustic/Water Media
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Painting expresses what I am feeling, seeing and hearing all around me. Nature has always been the inspiration for my work: cloudscapes, ocean scenes, wind-swept hillsides and glorious sunsets. As a child I was always captivated by light. The way light gently touched clouds or moved gracefully over blades of grass in a field creating shadows, shapes and blending colors into something extraordinary always moved my heart. Inspired by this elusive light, my paintings reflect this ephemeral magic.
I love to blend colors with the freshness and freedom of natural scenes, and with an abstract interpretation. What is difficult to say in words comes through color, light, shape and movement in paint. Painting is how I speak from the soul.
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