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"How to Add Creativity to Your Work" by Jody Rigsby

  • Saturday, February 21, 2015
  • 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Artists with Altitude Gallery Space, 25918 Genesee Trail Road Golden, CO 80401
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“How to Add Creativity
to Your Artwork” 

Saturday, February 21
9:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. 

$40 EAA Members
$50 for non-EAA Members

This is a one day workshop to give artists fun tools to help them be more creative with their own work.  It is a class for artists who have a desire to put more creativity, color, texture and “fun” in their work, overcoming any fears that might inhibit the process.

Morning session:
How to get the kid in you to step up to the canvas. 

"I have many techniques to get an artist to think freer and looser. I would to start off with a few drawing games that I have developed. I want to have fun music playing along with kid snacks, gummy bears and goldfish.

Then we will share our images and books that I will have each artist bring in. Hopefully putting them on the walls or large paper so we can look at them while we paint. I can customize what to teach if I know where each attendee is coming from and how much “fun” they want to unlock. I will also show photos of my process of how I pull from these images, how my studio is set up, palette, brushes, computer monitor, and, how in combination, it all comes together to enhance my work.

Afternoon session:

We will paint onto a medium sized canvas/paper about 11 x 14 or 16 x 20. Using the medium they are comfortable with, oil, acrylic, pastels, watercolor or any other.

For about an hour we will work on a simple still life that I will have set up. I will show how to apply the techniques we went over in the morning.

For the rest of the day we will work on the images you want to repaint. I will then have a much better idea of each of the artist’s process and will be able to give individual direction."

Supplies Needed:

Each artist is responsible to bring their own painting supplies.
  • Canvas or Paper 11x14 or 16 x 20
  • Use the medium of your choice:  Oil, Acrylic, Pastel, Watercolor, or any other. 
  • Brushes
  • Cup(s) for water
  • Each person needs to bring 5-10 of their favorite creative pictures and color combinations, including photos, fashion pages, kids paintings, famous works, and children’s books illustrations.
  • Each person will bring in an image of a completed painting they would like to “repaint” with more fun in it, (plus the photo it was painted from) It can be still life, animals, landscape or figurative.
  • Each person needs to bring 3 or 4 colors of paint that they would like to use but are hesitant.
  • Please bring your own lunch and water bottle. 

Jody Rigsby

Background on the class:
          "I taught art to children for 10 years and developed an intuitive method in working with each young person. Keeping focus on their individual vision, I helped them harness their talents while gently working with their weaknesses, giving them the confidence to push their individual work. I have easily translated this into helping a few more established artists, and feel confident that it can be taught in a class setting. In working with the students, I strive for each of them to enhance their own pieces with what they want to bring to the canvas and not what “I” think they should bring to it. 

Originally, I had graduated from art school with a degree in graphic design. I have dabbled in art, creating with different mediums, all my life. When I started oil painting, about eight years ago, I had already been teaching art to 5-17-year-olds for ten years.

 The day I decided to become a professional painter was a very memorable one. I was surrounded by well established impressionist painters. I knew that was not the style that I wanted but worked with each of them from the start, developing good solid basics. Over the years, I had to slowly define what I found important in painting, establishing what I loved about the paintings that fired me up. What drives me is the entire process - how to take those photographs that say something to me, transfer them to ideas and concepts and put an inspiring image onto canvas that looks exciting and appealing to myself and others. I have developed different methods and techniques to help me create paintings that I find exciting and fun to look at. You will find that I pay attention to the elements of design; line, shape, composition, color, form, texture and value. Of course what I found is that those elements are enhanced with the addition of others as well; edge, temperature, pattern and balance. What I want to bring to the world are images that make the viewer feel the beautiful energy of what is in front of them taking away a sense of happiness and joy in themselves."

Please note that this class will be taught at the Artists With Altitude Gallery in Genesee, across the parking lot from The Chart House Restaurant. Artists With Altitude Gallery share an entrance with Christies of Genesee.

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